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Emily Arteaga-Garcia

UI/UX Engineer
Stanford, CA

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I'm Emily Arteaga, a UI/UX based in Stanford, CA, with a strong passion for Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning. I earned my M.S. in Computer Science at Oregon State University, equipped with proficiency in tools like Figma and languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript, along with a deep understanding of Front-end and User Experience design.

My work experience includes developing an impactful health education app, leading Machine Learning chatbot projects, and contributing to research in diversity dashboards. I'm also an advocate for health education, volunteering with Global Nutrition Empowerment.

My project portfolio is diverse, spanning from inclusive apps and versatile database management systems to data analysis and advanced image segmentation solutions. I thrive on creative problem-solving and innovative design.

Being a native Spanish speaker, I am deeply committed to supporting diverse communities and languages, fostering friendships, and embracing global perspectives. My journey in technology is driven by the belief that innovation can create a better, more connected world.